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Survey on Online & Hybrid Courses

Survey on Online & Hybrid Courses published on

I am passing along a request to participate in a survey that focuses on how you prepare for and participate in online courses, like this one. Please consider completing the survey to add your voice to the study.

Details on the Survey

Online writing instruction experts, in conjunction with specialists at Mac​m​illan ​Learning, are researching student preparation, access, and learning in fully online and hybrid writing courses.

To assist us with our research, we need students’ perspectives in online and hybrid writing classes!

Please complete this survey.

Completing the online survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes.

This study has been approved by the IRB at Western Carolina University. For questions about this study, please contact Diane Martinez at

If you have questions or concerns about your treatment as a participant in this study, you may contact the Western Carolina University Institutional Review Board through the Office of Research Administration by calling 828-227-7212 or emailing

Thank you for your help with our research!

​Student survey researchers and consultants​

Diane Martinez, Western Carolina University
Suzanne Chouljian, Mac​m​illan ​Learning
Heidi Skurat Harris, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Beth Hewett, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Mahli Mechenbier, Kent State University
Lisa Meloncon, University of South Florida
Sushil Oswal, University of Washington, Tacoma
Leah Rang, Mac​m​illan ​Learning
Karita dos Santos, Mac​m​illan ​Learning
Kirk St. Amant, Louisiana Tech University


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