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#FridayFact: Conflict Will Happen

#FridayFact: Conflict Will Happen published on

Reminder of how today’s posts work
#FridayFact posts will share a specific fact about writing in the workplace, which you can compare to what you know about your field. Usually these facts have an accompanying article that supports or expands on the fact.


Today’s Fact

No matter how hard you try to get along, at some point, there will be conflict with the people you work with. Sometimes it’s something incredibly unimportant (“Why can’t Jared ever close the copier lid when he’s finished?”) to something significant (You want the company to go with all Google products and Katryn wants the company to go with all Microsoft). The conflict can be over anything, but you’re guaranteed that there will be times when you have to deal with conflict in the workplace.

This week you have been working on group dynamics as you think about how your writing group will collaborate and set up the ground rules for your interaction, so it’s a good time for us to talk about conflict. That way you are ready to deal with anything that comes up within your writing group as well.

The video Clashing with a Coworker? Here’s What to Do (8m37s) from the Harvard Business Review’s Whiteboard Sessions series discusses the four steps to resolving conflict. After you watch the video, you might comment about how you might apply the strategies that the Amy Gallo (the presenter) shares, or how you have followed some of these strategies in the past. You can, of course, comment on your own topics as well.

Note: This video has closed captioning, so it does not need a transcript.


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