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Course Grade Reminders

Course Grade Reminders published on

Several of you have contacted me about your grades in the course, and I’m sure that many of you are wondering about grades even if you didn’t ask me. To help allay any stress you’re feeling, let me remind you where to find details on your grade and how the course assessment works.

If you are looking for… Look here…
The basic requirements for grades in the course Requirements Page
Options for earning a grade higher than a B Section on higher grades on the Requirements Page
Information on the check and X marks in Canvas Grades Completes vs. Incompletes section on How Canvas Grades Work Page
How to tell how you’re doing in the course How to Tell How You’re Doing section on the How Canvas Grades Work Page
The reason Canvas isn’t tracking your course grade What Is Tracked in Canvas Grades on the How Canvas Grades Work Page
Details on how to make your case for a grade in the course Final Exam Page



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