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Continuing Work on Your Report

Continuing Work on Your Report published on

This is the post for the week of November 13, 2017.

Your Cheat Sheet for Writing HeadlinesAs I mentioned last week, I know you will soon be leaving for Break, so I have tried to keep the work light:

  • You will turn in your Progress Report and a Labor Log.
  • You will continue working on your Genre Analysis Report.
  • You will work on an outline of your report.
  • You can comment on daily posts if you like. This week’s posts will focus on effective email messages.

Readings for the Week

Review this week’s reading for help with the tasks for the week. These are not new readings, but they will help you with the organization activity listed below.

Tasks for the Week

  1. By 11:59PM on Monday, November 13, submit your 11/10 Labor Log in Canvas, if you are using the grace period.
  2. By 11:59PM on Monday, November 13, submit your Progress Report in Canvas. If you are using the grace period, submit your progress report by 11:59PM on Thursday, November 16.
  3. Review the readings above and sketch out a table of contents (TOC) that covers the required sections of your report. Be sure that your TOC informs your readers about the report’s contents. Incorporate your TOC in your Genre Analysis Report draft.
    Today’s infographic outlines some ways that you can write headlines, which can inform the way that you create information rich headings in your TOC.
  4. My Advice
    Submit your log before you leave for break. You will have a harder time trying to remember what you did this week if you wait.

  5. By 11:59PM on Friday, September 29, write your 11/17 Labor Log in Canvas. Specific questions for your log are included in Canvas. The grace period for your log entry ends after Thanksgiving at 11:59 PM on Monday, November 27.
  6. Be prepared to share a draft of your Genre Analysis Report with your writing group for peer review by 11:59PM on Friday, December 1.
  7. During break, I assume that everyone takes a break, including me. Naturally, you can work on your Genre Analysis Report if you want to. Here are some additional details:
    • I may publish some extra posts during break (for fun and amusement), but I will not post any work.
    • If you have a question during break, email me at I will reply within 48 hours, not counting Thanksgiving Day.
    • You can try Slack as well, if you like. If I’m at my computer, I will respond immediately.


Note: This infographic needs a text-based transcript. See the Optional Accessibility Transcript Activity for more details.


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