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Course Grades Posted

Course Grades Posted published on

I have finished grading the finals and submitted course grades in HokieSpa. I made some setting changes in Canvas so that your grade shows appropriately:

  • I set the Final Exam as equal to 100% of the Course Grade.
    Why? Since you have argued for your course grade in the Final, the letter grade there is your letter grade in the course.
  • I changed the grade scheme for the Course Grade to Virginia Tech’s default grade scale (no rounding). 
    Why? To export your grades from Canvas so that I can import them to HokieSpa, I needed to set them to use the same grade scale that is used in HokieSpa.

Thanks for your hard work this semester. Good luck with your future studies and careers.

Unsubscribing from the Course Website and Twitter Updates

If you subscribed to the course website at the beginning of the term, you probably want to unsubscribe now. Look for an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email message that you get from the course website.

If you were following the course Twitter account (@HokieTengrrl), just go the the page in Twitter and click the Unfollow button.

I have archived the Facebook group, so you should receive no more updates from it. If you prefer, you can also Leave the Group.


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