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#WednesdayWrite: Emojis and Professional Writing

#WednesdayWrite: Emojis and Professional Writing published on

Today’s #WednesdayWrite focuses on emoji and emoticon. To get started, review the infographic on the right and check out these articles:

Once you have reviewed the background information, add a comment that shares advice you would give someone about the use of emoji in professional discussions. You could write about any of these ideas:

  • when to use emoji (and when not to)
  • what emoji to use
  • what emoji not to use and why
  • how emoji work in special contexts, such as with clients and customers or with international audiences
  • what to do if emoji use goes wrong
  • any additional tips or advice

For examples of what your document can look like, see these resources from “the government’s internal design agency, 18F, about how they use emoji in Slack, including one on how they use emoji to document shared knowledge” (18F information from the Profhacker post, Getting More Done with Emoji).

Using Emoji In Your Comments

I believe that most of you are well-versed in using emoji in your writing. Just in case you are unfamiliar or you aren’t sure how to type emoji from your computer, I am including links to the WordPress documentation for emoji. These links will tell you how to find the emoji images you can insert in your comments:


Note: This infographic needs a text-based transcript. See the Optional Accessibility Transcript Activity for more details.


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