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#WednesdayWrite: Consider Your Code of Ethics

#WednesdayWrite: Consider Your Code of Ethics published on

Reminder of How Today’s Posts Work
#WednesdayWrite posts ask you to consider how you would handle a specific situation in the workplace. As an example, you might consider an ethical scenario and discuss the various options available.

The Writing Activity

Ethics CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick YoungsonFind the codes of ethic for your profession. For instance, an electrical engineer would focus on the IEEE Code of Ethics, and a biologist might focus on the Code of Ethics for the Society for Conservation Biology. Once you identify the principles for your field, consider the following questions:

  • Where do you find principles explicitly related to writing or communication in the code of ethics for your field?
  • Where are connections less obvious?
  • Are there ideas about writing and communication that you think they are missing?

After you analyze the code for your field, share what you have found in a comment on this post. Be sure to identify your field and link to your code, and then talk about anything interesting or surprising that you found about writing and communication in your field’s ethical code. Alternately, you can consider anything that is missing from your field’s code.


Photo credit: Ethics CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Youngson.


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