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#InfographicInspiration: Advice on Proposals

#InfographicInspiration: Advice on Proposals published on

Today’s #InfographicInspiration is very straightforward. You will find six categories of tips, with three additional details for each tip.

You should notice that paying attention to your readers is important for proposals. When you write a proposal, you are trying to convince someone to do something. You might want them to buy your product or service. You might want them to try a new way of doing something. You might want them to choose you (or your company) for something. Your persuasive skills in these situations will make or break your proposal. That’s why paying attention to your readers is so important: You can’t persuade someone if you aren’t paying attention to their interests.

The short proposal that you are writing for your next project needs to persuade me that the topic for your Genre Analysis Report is a good choice for you. Your audience is me, so use the tips in the infographic below to persuade me that you have chosen a kind of writing that will be useful to you in the future.

6 Tips to Write a Winning Proposal


Note: This infographic needs a text-based transcript. See the Optional Accessibility Transcript Activity for more details.


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